Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Money, Money, Money!

I did a really foolish thing today!!! I balanced my checkbook. I never do that and for some reason I felt like I should. Why in the world would I follow my feelings!? I very seldom follow feelings that could be detrimental to my mental health!

So money has always been a mystery to me. It always seems like you either have enough or you don't! I pay the same bills, buy the same groceries, pay the same taxes and still every month ends up differently. So I talked to my sister Karen who is really good at managing money and she gave me some great ideas. One of her ideas is to get $400-$500 dollars worth of items every six months at the case lot sales to cut back on my monthly food bill. I thought this was an excellent idea and I can't for the life of me figure out why I didn't think of it myself! I lucked out because the case lot sales are going on this month.

I know that money is a good thing when I use it wisely but O what a headache when I don't!

Maybe when my rich uncle Thadeus Monopolis passes on to the next life he will leave me his fortune!!! O wait! I don't have an uncle Thadeus Monopolis!

I guess I will just have to hitch a ride with Karen and hit the case lot sales!

Good luck to all you money bags out there today!!!

Leesey Lou

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  1. lol...pick me up on the way...i just went to the dentist office and racked up a $1000.00 bill in crowns!...I wish it could be a pretty crown with jewels that I place upon my head! lol!